Wedding Hair – A Style for Every Bride

Elegant traditional updo

Brandy Antunez created this elegant, traditional up do with veil for new July bride, Danika.

From boho flower crowns and romantic braids to traditional up-dos including veils, a bride’s hair should be an extension of her personal style and the creative vision she has for her big day.  Meridian Salon has several hair stylists who specialize in bridal and formal event hair.

Most recently, our own salon manager, Danika, walked down the aisle styled in a formal up do by hair stylist Brandy Antunez. Extensions were added to Danika’s shoulder length platinum blonde hair to achieve this elegant look.

Fun Vintage Bridal Look

Nicole wanted a vintage style for her Elvis themed wedding. Her custom fascinator created by hair stylist Amber Dawn Close – the perfect finishing touch.


We’ve also had fun requests including a vintage Elvis inspired wedding this Spring. Hair stylist Amber Dawn Close created a custom fascinator to complement the bride’s vintage tea-length dress.


Planning your own dream wedding hair? We’d love to see your Pinterest Boards! Call for a consultation and trial with our experienced stylists.

7 Things You Should Know Before Booking Your Next Appointment

Our  experienced hair stylists and colorists talk about about things you should know (or do!) before booking your next salon appointment:
 The team last holiday season
“ Communication is most important- but once we know client likes and dislikes, I’d like clients to feel comfortable enough to give us some creative control, relax and enjoy the appointment!  “
– Collette Welch, hair stylist, color specialist, extension artist – Relax, she’s in control.

“If a client is making a big transformation or starting with me as their new stylist, I want them to know how important the consultation is. Those extra 15 minutes or more mean that I can be prepared for the service and the client can ask questions and better understand the process. Even better, I love it when they book the consultation a few days before the service appointment.
– Amber Dawn Close, hair stylist /colorist – Loves a good consultation

“ I want clients to know that many of the hair photos they bring us from magazines and websites have been Photoshopped! So we have to work with reality.  But once we establish want a client wants, correct color choices are very important to complement eye color and skin tone. Also, we can make style adjustments for face shapes. ”
– JB Bergeron, hair stylist, color specialist – Photoshop radar set to high!

“I’d tell a new client to come prepared for one of my famous shampoos! You’ll still get a proper head massage from me at the shampoo bowl. That’s what we were taught in school and a client should expect that level of service when visiting a high end salon.”
-Irina Bartman, hair stylist, color specialist- Client head massage devotee

“We don’t have a magic wand. Its important to have realistic expectations. Some color services can’t be achieved in one visit and sometimes shouldn’t be attempted at all if the hair’s health is compromised from years of other chemical or color services. ”
– Caitlin De Garmo, hair stylist, color specialist, salon educator -Not a fairy godmother

“Hair color requires maintenance due to regrowth at the roots. When clients commit to a dramatic color change or are covering gray, they should be prepared for regular touch-up visits. Every client is different and hair growth can vary. Some of my clients do okay with six or more weeks between appointments while others prefer re-touches at three weeks.”
– Brad Morse, hair stylist, color specialist- Protector of your hair color secrets

“Please don’t get impatient before your next booked appointment and cut your own bangs. Pop by the salon and if I’m available, I’ll trim them between appointments. No more butchered bangs, please!”
-Brandy Antunez, hair stylist, color specialist- Ending bad bang behavior in her lifetime

February Special- 20% off for Two!

Couples who go to the salon together… stay together! So we’re celebrating togetherness today and through the rest of February 2017! 

20% off hair services for two

20% off hair services for two 2/14/17 – 2/28/27

Book an appointment with your special someone and get 20% off both services! Take time out of your busy schedule, and get your hair done together this to celebrate this season of love. Celebrating Single’s Awareness day instead? We think best friends make great hair appointment companions too. 

  • Both appointments must be booked with participating Meridian Salon hair stylists. (Caitlin, Irina and Jazmine)
  • When making both appointments, please mention the Valentine’s Special.
  • Both appointments must take place on the same date. 
  • Valid 2/14/17 through 2/28/17. To qualify for this special, appointments must take place by this date. 

Curls for days

6681_WebBanners_CurlCollection_Salons_300x250_FinalLearn to love your curls. You don’t have to blow dry, straighten, and flat iron your curls into submission. Embrace the curly-haired genes your mama and papa gave you. Moroccanoil just made it a lot easier to care for, maintain and LOVE your curls.

Moroccanoil recently expanded its Curl Collection, and promises no-fuss curls. As they say,  “Curls don’t have to be complicated! Our specialized assortment of curl care and styling products provide simplified solutions for curls of all shapes and sizes.”

Antioxidant-rich argan oil a nourishes and breathes new life into dry, brittle and fragile curls. Moroccanoil offers its argan oil infused formulas to promote control, shine and movement to keep your curls deeply hydrated, defined and frizz-free.

Three easy steps to beautiful curls:

1. Cleanse- choose the Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner duo or the one-step Curl Cleansing Conditioner

2. Style- Intense Curl Cream, Curl Defining Cream, and Curl Control Mousse offer curl perfection and style protection

3. Refresh- Finally, re-energize and refresh slept-on or end of day curls with this light argan-infused moisture mist.

Apps, Appointment Requests and other fun stuff

In case you haven’t noticed we live in the future. So we didn’t get the flying cars we were promised, but its much easer to communicate with your favorite hair salon.

First, we have an app. On our very own Meridian Salon app, you can request appointments, see your purchases, see your upcoming schedule and more. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Second, our booking system Mindbody Online has an app that lets you connect with other service providers too. Looking for local yoga and pilates studios? Want a great massage? Mindbody makes it easy to find quality services in the area.

Or, is it 3 a.m. and you’d like to request an appointment from your computer? You can right here! Please note, you must receive a final confirmation personally from our team before your appointment is booked.

Finally, confirmations and communications have never been easier with our texting and email systems. We never share your information and we don’t email or text unless we think we’re being helpful. You can always call us and opt out of any type of communication, respond to texts as directed to stop them, or hit unsubscribe on email communications.

Have you met Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry?

Bumble and bumble’s new Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry allowed me to achieve my hair goals in one product! I’m getting root lift, texture and hold with a sophisticated finish. With just my blowdryer and brush, I have a breezy yet polished style. This is huge for me, because I’ve always been challenged at a self-styled blow dry at home- away from the salon.

Bumble and bumble's Surf Family

Surf Spray, Surf Infusion, Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry

Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry provides volume and texture to give a full, sea-breezy blow dry. Beyond the major root lift, and texture, the foam has memory to help hold style. Its perfect for fine to medium hair. The entire Surf line-up is all about a wind-swept, buoyant look, but each product has its own unique use:

  1. The original and beloved Surf Spray is for fine-medium hair. Its intended for damp or dry hair and gives a windswept look with no heat styling- just air dry!
  2. For medium-coarse hair, Surf Infusion gives sea-tossed waves, with added sheen. This product is also intended for air drying.
  3. The newest member of Bumble’s surf family, Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry, is made for use with heat styling. You’ll get a bouncy but sophisticated round brush blow dry, or blow dry using only your hands for a windswept, but polished blow dry.

We have adorable gift boxes in stock with a travel size Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry and Surf Shampoo and Surf Conditioner. These babies are ready to travel!

5 Tricks To Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in your Beauty Routine

Earth Laughs in Flowers- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Earth Day from Meridian Salon

This Earth Day celebrate the beautiful Mother Earth by allowing less waste in your beauty routine.

  1. Washing your hair less is a good idea: You’ve heard your hair stylist say it, but you may have been resistant. Not only does washing less protect your color and salon style longer, this choice saves water too. A little oily at the roots? Consider a dry shampoo product like Bumble and bumble’s pret-a-powder or Moroccanoil’s new Dry Shampoo. These products help make styling easier as well.
  2. Recycle those empty hair product containers: Place your empty plastic bottles in your recycling pick-up to keep them out of the landfill.  Empty steel aerosol cans can be recycled too.
  3. Make-up containers can be recycled too: Origins stores take your make-up tubes, compacts, and caps of any brand. MAC will give you a free lipstick when you bring in 6 empty MAC lip sticks. That’s better than a cookie or a gold star for being good!
  4. Buy liter sizes:  Many Bumble and bumble shampoos and conditioners come in a liter size and Moroccanoil comes in a half-liter sizes too. The larger size keeps you from running out for more between salon visits and often saves a little money too. Use this liter to fill your smaller bottles for vacations and the spare bathroom shower. Reusing is recycling’s cousin you know.
  5. Tube squeezers for those who can’t agree on where to squeeze the tube: You may have seen your hair stylist use a special gadget to squeeze every drop of color from those steel color tubes. Reducing waste is important to a hair salon and our Earth too. You can find tube squeezers for home use and squeeze every bit of toothpaste, ointment and even household products like paint.


Blowout Package Specials

Limited Time* Spring Blowout Package Pricing

10 pack $350 $100 Savings
6 pack $225 $45 Savings
3 pack $115 $20 Savings

Purchase a season of shampoo blow dry visits with Kirstin and save! Call (619)233-6211 to book. Let us know when you arrive that you’d like to purchase the blowout package deal.

The shampoo blow dry service you love just got better: special savings on multiple premium shampoo blowouts, which include curl or flat-iron if requested. Get a season full of unforgettable looks at incredible prices. Be ready for your spring photos, the weddings on your calendar, romantic nights on the town and more.

*Prices available through April 30, 2015. Once purchased, visits with Kirstin will not expire until package is completely used.


Brazilian Blowout Special – February 2015

Break up with Frizz and fall in love with your hair this Valentine’s Day! Give your darling the gift of frizz free hair with a Brazilian Blowout treatment.

Call (619)233-6211 for $149 Brazilian Blowout treatment and full-size shampoo special with Kirstin. Offer valid through February 2015.
Its the perfect gift for your Valentine! She’ll love it!

Want smoother, shinier hair? Brazilian Blowout, the only professional smoothing treatments
that actually improve the health of the hair, can give you the hair you are looking for. And… with no damage!
The salon treatment cuts down drying time so your morning styling routine has never been easier.

Brazilian Blowout certified stylist Kirstin Anthony loves how a Brazilian Blowout treatment actually improves the health of color-treated & highlighted hair by conditioning the hair and sealing the cuticle for enhanced color, reduced frizz and extra shine.

From now until the end of February, Kirstin is offering the original Brazilian Blowout treatment for *$149. PLUS you’ll go home with a full-size Anti-Frizz Shampoo. The shampoo protects your Brazilian Blowout to keep the quality and extend the length of the treatment. You won’t find a special like this anywhere else.

*Long hair may require an additional charge. Please call (619)233-6211 to make appointment with Kirstin in advance.

Find Your Perfect Hairstyle on Pinterest

Remember cutting out a coveted  hairstyle from Tiger Beat magazine when you were 14? You brought your jagged clipping of perfect feathery Farrah Fawcett fringe into your mom’s hair dresser.  Or maybe 15 years ago you clipped Jennifer Aniston out of People and just had to have those perky layers? Well clipping pictures with scissors is a thing of the past, and sorry to break the news, so are those hairstyles!


Today women (and some men) are using Pinterest to browse and pin their favorite haircuts. If you aren’t on Pinterest, here is what you are missing: millions of pictures of extravagant tree houses, outlandish birthday cakes, and snarky sarcastic jokes. But don’t let the silly stuff fool you. Pinterest is home to serious stuff like fashion, nails, make-up, hair styles and beauty tips. (Well we think that’s the serious stuff on the virtual pinup board!)

Pinterest boards like Latest Hair Styles boast huge followings of over 330,000 pinners.  There is so much to see and its so nicely organized. Want to see ideas for long hair, kids hair, short hair, braids, bridal  hairstyles and every other way to wear your hair? Join in and start a Pinterest account, start a board with your favorite hair styles and start pinning. From Jennifer Lawrence’s sexy cropped ‘do to Kate Middleton’s beautiful chestnut waves, next time you come into the salon, you can show your hair dresser exactly what hair style you’ve been dreaming of. We think its so fun, we’ve joined the Pinterest party too. We are just getting started, but you can follow Meridian Salon’s boards here.