5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Loves in Your Life

Wneverhether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day, this season give beauty to those you love, including yourself!

Here are some ideas to spread love and beauty this month:

  1. Babe Lash. Brandy has them, Danika has them, many of our clients have them. What are they? Beautiful, long, plump natural lashes! Babe Lash is a serum you apply before bed to your upper lash line. A 3 month supply is $65.
  2. A season of Shampoo Blowdry visits. Salon hair is beautiful hair. Date nights, selfies, or just because. Five visits for the price of four- $180
  3. Men love products too. From the popular Bumble and bumble Sumotech to the classic American Crew gel, we’ll keep his hair in perfect shape. Men’s gifts from $11.00 and up
  4. OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s polish. Glamour meets adorable. Get these limited edition colors while they last. $10/bottle
  5. Shampoo and conditioner in grande and venti sizes. Never run out of your favorite shampoo and conditioner.  Bumble and bumble liters and Moroccanoil half-liters are gifts that keep on giving for weeks and months to come. $42 and up.

At Meridian Salon we love to help our clients celebrate. We’ll even tie up your gifts with a cute bow!

Curls for days

6681_WebBanners_CurlCollection_Salons_300x250_FinalLearn to love your curls. You don’t have to blow dry, straighten, and flat iron your curls into submission. Embrace the curly-haired genes your mama and papa gave you. Moroccanoil just made it a lot easier to care for, maintain and LOVE your curls.

Moroccanoil recently expanded its Curl Collection, and promises no-fuss curls. As they say,  “Curls don’t have to be complicated! Our specialized assortment of curl care and styling products provide simplified solutions for curls of all shapes and sizes.”

Antioxidant-rich argan oil a nourishes and breathes new life into dry, brittle and fragile curls. Moroccanoil offers its argan oil infused formulas to promote control, shine and movement to keep your curls deeply hydrated, defined and frizz-free.

Three easy steps to beautiful curls:

1. Cleanse- choose the Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner duo or the one-step Curl Cleansing Conditioner

2. Style- Intense Curl Cream, Curl Defining Cream, and Curl Control Mousse offer curl perfection and style protection

3. Refresh- Finally, re-energize and refresh slept-on or end of day curls with this light argan-infused moisture mist.

Have you met Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry?

Bumble and bumble’s new Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry allowed me to achieve my hair goals in one product! I’m getting root lift, texture and hold with a sophisticated finish. With just my blowdryer and brush, I have a breezy yet polished style. This is huge for me, because I’ve always been challenged at a self-styled blow dry at home- away from the salon.

Bumble and bumble's Surf Family

Surf Spray, Surf Infusion, Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry

Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry provides volume and texture to give a full, sea-breezy blow dry. Beyond the major root lift, and texture, the foam has memory to help hold style. Its perfect for fine to medium hair. The entire Surf line-up is all about a wind-swept, buoyant look, but each product has its own unique use:

  1. The original and beloved Surf Spray is for fine-medium hair. Its intended for damp or dry hair and gives a windswept look with no heat styling- just air dry!
  2. For medium-coarse hair, Surf Infusion gives sea-tossed waves, with added sheen. This product is also intended for air drying.
  3. The newest member of Bumble’s surf family, Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry, is made for use with heat styling. You’ll get a bouncy but sophisticated round brush blow dry, or blow dry using only your hands for a windswept, but polished blow dry.

We have adorable gift boxes in stock with a travel size Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry and Surf Shampoo and Surf Conditioner. These babies are ready to travel!

By Popular Demand: Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo- Available in formulas for Dark Tones and Light Tones

Moroccanoil launched its dry shampoo in two formulas: for Light Hair Tones and for Dark Hair Tones and we’ve got it in stock! (Everyone is raving about the stuff, just read the InStyle review.) This cleanser disappears instantly, leaving no dull residue. Absorbs oil, buildup and odor, leaving hair instantly cleansed and refreshed. It doesn’t leave behind that noticeable powdery residue unlike many dry shampoos.

Dark Hair Tones formula maintains the natural richness of dark tones and leaves hair refreshed. UV-protecting, argan oil-infused.

Light Hair Tones formula maintains the integrity of light tones. Like concept of the purple “wet” shampoo, it and contains subtle violet undertones to help balance brassiness and bring out the best in light tones.  UV-protecting, argan oil-infused.

The team at Meridian Salon is sure you’ll love Morrocanoil Dry Shampoo. Come in and give it a try. We have samples available to try before you buy!

Want a little more coverage? How does a little camouflage for over-due root touch-ups sound? Then Bumble and bumble’s A Tint of Brown Hair Powder may be the product for you. Both of these products, Moroccanoil’s Dry Shampoo and Bumble and bumble’s Hair Powder made Allure’s list of top dry shampoos for brunettes.

Bumble and bumble. Launches Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Product Line

fb_hio_heroHairdresser’s Invisible Oil has been a favorite in the Bumble and bumble. loyal community for sometime. But now its even better! Bumble and bumble. just formulated an entire product line using everything you love about the original product! We were so excited for the launch this week. The bright packaging is a show stopper.

You can find the whole product line at Meridian Salon:  Hairdressers Invisible Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo, Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Conditioner and Hairdressers Invisible Oil Heat / UV Protective Primer along with the original oil formula that started it all. The adorable travel bag contains the three new products in travel-ready sizes.

The shampoo: A sulfate-free shampoo with 6 featherlight oils that transform the texture of hair. It softens, silkens, tames, de-frizzes, detangles, protects against breakage.  Perfect for dry, coarse or brittle hair Use daily and follow with Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Conditioner

Hairdressers Invisible Oil Conditioner: A conditioner with 6 featherlight oils that transform the texture of hair. Like the shampoo, it softens, silkens, tames, de-frizzes, detangles, and protects against breakage. After using Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo, smooth through and leave in for a minute or two and rinse thoroughly

Hairdressers Invisible Oil Heat / UV Protective Primer: This UV and heat protective pre-styler prepares the hair for styling. It softens, detangles, de-frizzes and tames those pesky flyaways. Eases styling by protecting against breakage, heat styling, and UV damage. On damp or dry hair, before styling comb or brush through and style.

Surf Spray… A Bottle of Sexy Beach Hair


According to Bumble and bumble:

Salt water is no secret to editorial stylists for adding volume and texture, and anyone who has been in the ocean knows it too – that salty, sexy, sun-dried, wind-styled feel (that seems such a shame to wash out).

surf_spray_largeOur own Meridian Salon hair stylist, Andrea, recently returned from Hawaii. She said she loved the way her hair dried on the Maui beach after swimming so much that she didn’t want to wash it the next day.  Beachy waves are right at home in San Diego. From Trestles all the way to the Silver Strand, beach babes are letting their hair dry and going about the rest of their day shopping and enjoying sunny San Diego.

Bumble and bumble. has made it much easier to get the same breezy & effortless look without having to learn how to surf. Surf Spray adds body to fine hair and Bumble and bumble. points out it gives nice texture to silver hair. Here is how you’ll use it to get those beachy waves: after Prep or Tonic Lotion and before styling work through damp or dry hair, let dry naturally or blow-dry with a diffuser. The less you touch it, the longer it will hold.  Stop by Meridian Salon for a bottle of surf spray or you can always order online to get beach hair delivered right to your door.