Find Your Perfect Hairstyle on Pinterest

Remember cutting out a coveted  hairstyle from Tiger Beat magazine when you were 14? You brought your jagged clipping of perfect feathery Farrah Fawcett fringe into your mom’s hair dresser.  Or maybe 15 years ago you clipped Jennifer Aniston out of People and just had to have those perky layers? Well clipping pictures with scissors is a thing of the past, and sorry to break the news, so are those hairstyles!


Today women (and some men) are using Pinterest to browse and pin their favorite haircuts. If you aren’t on Pinterest, here is what you are missing: millions of pictures of extravagant tree houses, outlandish birthday cakes, and snarky sarcastic jokes. But don’t let the silly stuff fool you. Pinterest is home to serious stuff like fashion, nails, make-up, hair styles and beauty tips. (Well we think that’s the serious stuff on the virtual pinup board!)

Pinterest boards like Latest Hair Styles boast huge followings of over 330,000 pinners.  There is so much to see and its so nicely organized. Want to see ideas for long hair, kids hair, short hair, braids, bridal  hairstyles and every other way to wear your hair? Join in and start a Pinterest account, start a board with your favorite hair styles and start pinning. From Jennifer Lawrence’s sexy cropped ‘do to Kate Middleton’s beautiful chestnut waves, next time you come into the salon, you can show your hair dresser exactly what hair style you’ve been dreaming of. We think its so fun, we’ve joined the Pinterest party too. We are just getting started, but you can follow Meridian Salon’s boards here.